The Jack Commer, Supreme Commander Series

Book 1: The Martian MaraudersBook 2: Jack Commer, Supreme CommanderBook 3: Nonprofit Chronowar
Book 4: Collapse and DelusionBook 5: The Wounded FrontierBook 6: The SolGrid Rebellion
from Double Dragon Publishing

Akard Drearstone

Akard Drearstone: A Novel by Michael D. Smith

A twelve-year-old girl observes the rise and fall of the Akard Drearstone Group as she falls in love with its narcissistic bass guitarist.

Akard Drearstone is published by Sortmind Press

Sortmind – the Novel

Sortmind, a novel by Michael D. Smith

High school art students Oliver and Sam struggle to define themselves in the face of urban terrorism and the malfunctioning, reality-altering Sortmind app.

Sortmind is published by Sortmind Press


CommWealth: A Dystopian Novel

CommWealth: A Novel by Michael D. SmithMembers of a theatrical troupe lead a suicidal revolution against the CommWealth system, which has outlawed all private property.

CommWealth is published by Class Act Books


The Soul Institute

The Soul Institute: A Novel by Michael D. SmithComputer technician Himal Steina realizes his dream of a mythic return to the sanctuary of a vast foggy university when he’s appointed writer in residence at the Soul Institute.

The Soul Institute is published by Sortmind Press