The Jack Commer, Supreme Commander Series

Book 1: The Martian MaraudersBook 2: Jack Commer, Supreme CommanderBook 3: Nonprofit ChronowarBook 4: Collapse and Delusion
Book 5: The Wounded FrontierBook 6: The SolGrid RebellionBalloon Ship Armageddon by Michael D. Smith
Akard Drearstone

Akard Drearstone: A Novel by Michael D. SmithA twelve-year-old girl observes the rise and fall of the Akard Drearstone Group as she falls in love with its narcissistic bass guitarist.



The Damage Patrol Quartet

The Damage Patrol Quartet copyright 2022 by Michael D. SmithFour stories featuring mystical construction strikers, slave employees in Australia, an archeologist exiled to deep space, and a corporation battling mental illness.



Jump Grenade

Jump Grenade by Michael D. SmithA psychopathic Junior Dropout Basketball League star kills a radio announcer with hand grenades, then blows up an entire sports arena to erase all witnesses.



Sortmind: The Novel

Sortmind, a novel by Michael D. SmithHigh school art students Oliver and Sam struggle to define themselves in the face of urban terrorism and the malfunctioning, reality-altering Sortmind app.





Supreme Commander Laurie

Supreme Commander Laurie by Michael D. SmithInexplicably transported onto Jack Commer’s doomed spaceship, Laurie struggles to assert herself as the new supreme commander.



The University of Mars

The University of Mars by Michael D. SmithIn a dysfunctional 2065 ruled by religious zealots, eighteen-year-old Zeke Venan seeks comrades dedicated to the further evolution of humanity.



Asylum and Mirage

Asylum and Mirage copyright 2023 by Michael D. SmithA naïve and disconnected artist finds himself drafted into a mindless war against the Reunion, an unstoppable army of hallucinatory consciousness.



CommWealth: A Dystopian Novel

Members of a theatrical troupe lead a suicidal revolution against the CommWealth system, which has outlawed all private property.



The Soul Institute

The Soul Institute: a novel by Michael D. SmithA computer technician realizes his dream of a mythic return to the sanctuary of a vast foggy university when he’s appointed writer in residence at the Soul Institute.