The First Twenty Steps by Michael D. Smith The First Twenty Steps, 2011
Published by Sortmind Press; eBook available from Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble; paperback available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble
An ex-convict finds himself mixed up in a motorcycle gang’s plan to heist a hyperspatial supercomputer. The First Twenty Steps painting
The Holy Dark Ages by Michael D. Smith The Holy Dark Ages, 1994
Jim Piston narrates his journey through a post-World War III Texas and his enslavement at a commune dedicated to making a plutonium bomb. Escaping, he befriends a dying Air Force flying saucer pilot, then gathers his own commune together and captains the pilot’s crippled saucer on a desperate ocean trip to South Carolina. He repairs the saucer with the help of another commune led by his old enemy Akard Drearstone, only to crash it in remote Alaska, stranding the few survivors of both communes there.
The Psychobeauty by Michael D. Smith The Psychobeauty, 1984
Ninety-seven percent of the earth’s population inexplicably commits suicide, ending civilization and leaving scattered refugees struggling to resist their own suicidal urges.

All words and images copyright by Michael D. Smith