Book Two of the Jack Commer, Supreme Commander Series

Jack Commer, Supreme Commander by Michael D. Smith Newly-promoted Jack Commer brings poor negotiating skills to the war with the fascist Alpha Centaurian Empire, losing his crew to Centaurian brainwashing as he and his wife are sent to be tortured on a barren planet.

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cover art by Deron Douglas



 Jack Commer, Supreme Commander copyright 2014 by Michael D. Smith

Jack Commer leads a peace mission in his flagship Typhoon II to end the war with Alpha Centauri, but the crew is beset with Star Drive anxiety and an engine explosion strands the ship 393 billion miles from its destination. Meanwhile, ship’s engineer and physician Phil Sperry debates whether to confess his secret love for Jack’s wife Amav to the gentle and understanding Dar, Emperor of the Martians.

The Typhoon rescues human refugees from the war, but they fill the crew with unease. After Navigation Officer Will Connors abruptly Converts to worship of the Alpha Centaurian emperor, Jack’s diary records the previous month and a half of crew Conversions. Three remaining Nonconverted are confined to the Typhoon proper, while the blissfully Converted refugees, USSF crew, and Martians have full run of the luxurious attached Pod. Jacks knows his mission has failed and that humanity itself is at risk of being absorbed into the Alpha Centaurian Grid.

Amav’s diary describes her mistaken marriage to the petulant child Jack. Phil’s diary describes his Conversion and his reluctant acquiescence in a plot to kill the captain. Twelve year-old Bobby, an emotionally damaged refugee, writes a story about a boy and girl stranded on an alien planet. Disgusted at the story’s sexuality, Jack barricades himself in the Control Room. But after flooding the ship with death rays to kill two Converted attackers, he realizes the damage he’s done to his marriage with Amav.

Centaurian stormtroopers take the Typhoon II, killing several captives before hauling the rest off to face the dismembered Alpha Centaurian Crab Emperor, who sentences Jack and Amav to the Maximum Centaurian Torture.



Jack Commer, Typhoon II Pilot
Joe Commer, Typhoon II Copilot
Amav Frankston-Commer, Jack’s wife and planetary engineer
Dar, Emperor of the Martians
Phil Sperry, Typhoon II engineer and physician
Bobby Athens, Twelve-year-old refugee from a captured Centaurian warship
Polot, Ship’s Archivist aboard the thirty-five mile-long Imperial Flagship GnlSaljPraraq


1. Jack’s Anxiety
2. Borman
3. Star Drive at 14:46
4. The Dar Symphony
5. The Limits of Three-Martian Amplified Thought

6. R’mrel’lasktm’uu
7. Refugees
8. Jack’s Diary
9. Amav’s Diary
10. Phil’s Diary

11. Bobby’s Diary
12. Daily Addendum by Ship’s Captain
13. This is Strictly a Family Matter!
14. Clopt and Company
15. Let’s All Wallow in Mental Illness

16. The Grid
17. The Execution
18. The Radiators

All words and images (except the published cover) copyright by Michael D. Smith