Pegasus I copyright 2023 by Michael D. Smith

Pegasus I

  • Created May 20-23, 2076 by robot Laurie 283, Dar, G’nzeel, and Waterfall Sequence
  • Sixty-five-foot diameter
  • Takes a crew of six but can easily be run by three
  • Staffed by Typhoon I robot replicas.
  • Pegasus’ name, registry number, and insignia are digital and can appear anywhere on the saucer, or not at all.
  • Has Star Drive 5, faster than any existing USSF ship

Pegasus I Top and Side Views

  • Smooth flowing curves of the saucer wings to the body
  • Alternating nozzles all around the wing edge: 40 PlanetBlaster nozzles and 40 sublight/Star Drive nozzles
  • The ship can instantly fire in any direction, can instantly change vectors. The wing ring can rotate by itself or stay fixed; computers calculate all needed thrust vectors and weapons fire.
  • The semi-circular control room curves with the saucer, taking up almost half the top-level circle. Behind it, navigation room and communications/sensors room, and further on the weapons room also curving with the saucer
  • From the outside the top level looks to be a glossy white and opaque, but from the inside the entire top saucer circle is a hemisphere of clear window that can be split into hundreds of small monitors, big displays, or spotlights as needed, all the way to the top of the dome.

Pegasus I Top and Side Views copyright 2023 by Michael D. Smith

Pegasus I Levels copyright 2023 by Michael D. Smith

Pegasus I Levels

  • Wing interiors are thick enough to hold Amplified Thought Xons and other weapons and stores.
  • Wings also have 8 top and 8 bottom Xon bomb launchers, 240 shells total. Each launcher has 15 shells/rockets.
  • Wings also have landing and takeoff thrusters for vertical flight.
  • Quad landing gear extending from lower saucer surface, not the wings. Can extend as wheels, digging devices, or flat surface.
  • Command functions on top Level Three
  • Engineering and staterooms on Level Two
  • Fuel, supplies, three brig compartments on Level One. Level One has a maintenance corridor running around the ship.
  • Level Zero has two shuttles, Amav Commer and K’sla, landing gear, and two airlocks.


Typhoon VIII – Side and Top Views

  • Building on and evolving from Typhoon VI and Typhoon VII design concepts, the ship is more of a sports car than the dependable Typhoon family sedan of recent years.
  • The familiar triangular wings are transformed into near-semicircles merging into a more oval fuselage.
  • Plastiglass canopy
  • Glossy white all over
  • Emphasis on turquoise and forest-green throughout the ship
  • Holds 92 mini-Amplified Xon bombs
  • The first Typhoon with a fully operational sick bay
  • Has the newest Nav 13 interface, and is the only ship that can navigate to the uninhabitable anomaly at the center of the universe

Typhoon VIII - Side and Top Views copyright 2023 by Michael D. Smith

Images and text copyright by Michael D. Smith