Typical sortmind.com circlesIn June 2015 I finished moving sortmind.com from its FrontPage HTML format to WordPress. While I had developed a certain level of web skills from 1999 on, including HTML, css, rudimentary JavaScript, and a vast appreciation of image work and how much I still have to learn about it, the concept of maintaining static pages, which could only be edited on whichever computer was still capable of running my ancient FrontPage 2000, was definitely dead a long time ago. I researched the Joomla content management software and was prepared to go in that direction, but then I figured that since WordPress can also be used to create non-blog websites, and I already had those skills from five years of blog use, going with WordPress would be the simplest solution.

I’d restructured sortmind.com’s format entirely inĀ In 2014, making it look more modern, and in fact I still like how this turned out–but by 2014 I had hundreds of individual pages, and if it can be believed I restructured them all one-by-one, employing vast checklists to keep track of all the changes. I could have streamlined some of this effort by making fuller use of the software’s previous century functionality, but I was already saying goodbye to FrontPage 2000 with all its strengths and its messy HTML quirks, and it seemed fastest to just get the project done manually. Nevertheless I spent two months on the migration to WordPress.

The Later Kingdoms of the Dinosaurs copyright 2009 by Michael D. SmithThe revamped sortmind.com focuses on the Jack Commer series and other published novels, and on the best of paintings and drawings. I don’t intend to recreate the old site, which will live on as archival HTML pages. Over the years I threw way too much on the original site, including hundreds of drawings and paintings I was happy to add at the time, but which are overwhelming as a whole. I went beyond the stated goal of showcasing some sample work and the site threatened to become an inventory of everything I’d ever written or drawn or painted. It was way too much to keep track of.

Of course sortmind.com will keep evolving; any website is a work in progress. But I definitely want to concentrate more on my writing and less on being a webmaster.

All words and images copyright by Michael D. Smith