The Jack Commer, Supreme Commander Science Fiction Series
from Double Dragon Publishing

Book 1. The Martian Marauders, 2012 (eBook and paperback)
After the evacuation of the Earth’s population to Mars, the crew of spaceship Typhoon I must fight native Martian terrorists led by their new human Emperor, political agitator and traitor Sam Hergs. But Captain Jack Commer compromises the mission when he kidnaps the Emperor’s consort and falls in love with her.

Book 2. Jack Commer, Supreme Commander, 2012 (eBook and paperback)
Newly-promoted Jack Commer brings poor negotiating skills to the war with the fascist Alpha Centaurian Empire, losing his crew to Centaurian brainwashing as he and his wife are sent to be tortured on a barren planet.

Book 3. Nonprofit Chronowar, 2013 (eBook and paperback)
Ranna Kikken creates the Committee to End Suffering on Planet Earth at her nonprofit Cat Farm, but its first conference in 2020 is destroyed when Jack’s younger brother Joe inadvertently time travels from 2036 to lecture Ranna’s complacent nonprofit ladies about the destruction of the Earth in 2033 and the resulting evacuation of the remnants of humanity to Mars.

Book 4. Collapse and Delusion, 2016 (eBook and paperback)
As former Typhoon II ship’s engineer Phil Sperry struggles with his decades-long treason to the human race, Supreme Commander Jack Commer and his wife Amav journey to the paradise planet Andertwin for a painful visit with their reclusive son Jonathan James, survivor of an abduction by Alpha Centaurian security forces and now the author of a bestselling novel about the collapse of the Centaurian empire.

Book 5. The Wounded Frontier (forthcoming)
Jack Commer pushes for exploration far beyond Sol in the untested Typhoon V when a star thirty-four light years away abruptly vanishes, leaving the infrared signature of a Dyson sphere apparently built within one week.

from Class Act Books

CommWealth, 2015 (eBook and paperback)
As actors in the Forensic Squad theatrical troupe adapt to the giddy, chaotic society resulting from the outlawing of all private property, CommWealth officials probe their breaking of the Four Rules that sustain the system, and several members navigate a twist of betrayals, double agents, and murder to find themselves leading a suicidal revolution.


The First Twenty Steps (Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Smashwords)
An ex-convict finds himself mixed up in a motorcycle gang’s plan to heist a hyperspatial supercomputer. Published 2011 on Nook Press and Kindle Direct Publishing, 2013 on Smashwords.


“Perpetual Starlit Night,” 2013 (Twisted Tails VII)
Archeologist Sairjin ShiriKor arrives on a tiny artificial gravity platform in deep space to give a scholarly lecture. However, the barbarian colonists scoff at her evident delusion that she’s anything but a criminal sent to be incarcerated on the changeless and apparently motionless platform.

“Roadblock,” 2013 (Etherbooks)
A feckless architectural school graduate finds himself blindly falling in with Oceanmouth, a sixteen year-old car mechanic, in a dubious trucking venture that takes them to the rural south in deep night. There they encounter the massive roadblock created by road construction strikers who have the power to eradicate all light.

“Space, Time and Tania,” 1977 (PigIron Magazine)
Bumbling ex-Texas Department of Public Death officer Marty Brimfeeler probes the demise of Tania in Houston shortly before World War III erupts.

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