Figures 12-9-07 copyright 2007 by Michael D. Smith Billy Bolamme, sixteen-year-old star Junior Dropout Basketball League player, transmogrifies into avenging avatar Ocean Singe Horror after missing his 500th point in a row. In a temper tantrum he kills a taunting radio announcer with hand grenades, then blows up the entire sports arena in order to eliminate ten thousand witnesses to his crime. From here on out his fame and luck can only grow.

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Billy Bolamme copyright 2016 by Michael D. SmithBilly Bolamme, sixteen-year-old wunderkind of the Junior Dropout Basketball League, a shamanic force of destruction and murder who changes his name to Ocean Singe Horror on a well-publicized LSD trip during a basketball game.

Hiram Pebley Bolamme, Billy’s father, coach and owner of the Bolammes basketball team, an ineffectual, dreamy art gallery owner as well as a wealthy do-gooder who started the Junior Dropout Basketball League with his wife Madeline.

Madeline Bolamme, Billy’s mother and the director of the Bolamme Center for Hurt Feelings.

Guenevere “Universe” Ryder, art gallery receptionist and Billy’s fifteen-year-old girlfriend.

Dan Ryder, suicidal Bolammes main announcer and Universe’s father.

Franklin Chester, former Bolammes player and now Bolammes co-announcer.

Mongar Frederick, detective with the Plattville Homicide Bureau.

Jonathan Mueller, surviving witness of the Baltimore disaster who dies after giving testimony about Billy’s involvement.

Emala Ryder, Universe’s mother and dean of the Billy State University School of Library Science.


Figures 11-11-07 copyright 2007 by Michael D. Smith1. Maybe it was That Low-Cut Cocktail Dress
2. The Radio Booth
3. Encyclowhatever, by Universe, or, The Library School’s Library
4. The Pre-Game Show
5. Billy has Racked Up an Amazing 450 Points in a Row

6. The Pebbled Orange Surface of his Basketball
7. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Ocean Singe Horror
8. Never Can Tell When You Might Need a Natural Gas Line
9. Snooty Art with Sexy Receptionists, a.k.a. Her Outfit for Any Given Day Costs More than You Will Ever Make Selling Your Paintings
10. Hiram, This is My Daughter We’re Talking About!

11. The Planet Lamura, Star System 63
12. A Vast Stretch of the Universe Where Aliens Beings Might Sense Pain and Show Up to Inspect It
13. Billy State University
14. Plattville

16. I’m Just Watching the Dome, Dude, That’s All
17. The Yellow Armies of Risk
18. Detective Mongar Frederick
19. Jump Grenade

All words and images copyright 2015 by Michael D. Smith