Akard Drearstone cover image copyright 2012 by Michael D. Smith Akard Drearstone, 2017, Draft 12 in progress
A twelve-year-old girl living at a rock commune near Austin, Texas in the summer of 1975 observes the rise and fall of the Akard Drearstone Group as she falls disastrously in love with the group’s severely disturbed bass player.
Jump Grenade copyright 2017 by Michael D. Smith Jump Grenade, 2017, Draft 3 in progress
Billy Bolamme, sixteen-year-old star Junior Dropout Basketball League player, transmogrifies into avenging avatar Ocean Singe Horror after missing his 500th point in a row. In a temper tantrum he kills a taunting radio announcer with hand grenades, then blows up the entire sports arena in order to eliminate ten thousand witnesses to his crime. From here on out his fame and luck can only grow.
Richard Ballard, serial seducer in The SolGrid Rebellion copyright 2014 by Michael D. Smith The SolGrid Rebellion, 2017
Book Six of the Jack Commer series, to be published by Double Dragon Publishing
In the spring of 2076 Jack and Amav’s insolent son Jonathan James runs off with Suzette Borman, a fortyish, hard-bitten co-owner of a nightclub who’s been rejuvenated to look nineteen; she’s also the wife of Lee Borman, a United System senator who happens to be Jack’s Weapons Officer aboard the Typhoon VI. Meanwhile the new SolGrid telepathic network is inexplicably breaking down, paralyzing Sol culture as Jack begins to understand that his son’s pirate crew is staging an armed rebellion against Sol.
Laurie Lachrer copyright 2013 by Michael D. Smith The Wounded Frontier, 2017
Book Five of the Jack Commer series, to be published by Double Dragon Publishing
Supreme Commander Jack Commer pushes for expanded exploration far beyond Sol when a star thirty-four light years away abruptly vanishes, leaving the infrared signature of a Dyson sphere apparently built within one week.
Collapse and Delusion - a novel by Michael D. Smith Collapse and Delusion, 2016
Book Four of the Jack Commer series, available as eBook and paperback from Double Dragon Publishing.
As former Typhoon II ship’s engineer Phil Sperry struggles with his decades-long treason to the human race, Supreme Commander Jack Commer and his wife Amav journey to the paradise planet Andertwin for a painful visit with their reclusive son Jonathan James, survivor of an abduction by Alpha Centaurian security forces and now the author of a bestselling novel about the collapse of the Centaurian empire.
Sortmind Tarot Card copyright 2011 by Michael D. Smith Sortmind, 2016, Draft 8 in progress
An answer to any question is delivered in a telepathic instant. But is a database of all our queries and responses being used to track the progress of a coming apocalypse? High school art students Oliver and Sam struggle to define themselves in the face of urban terrorism and the malfunctioning, reality-altering Telepathic Database. Sortmind Images
The Soul Institute - a novel by Michael D. Smith The Soul Institute, 2015
Published by Sortmind Press, available as eBook from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords, and in paperback from Amazon
Computer technician Himal Steina realizes his dream of a mythic return to the sanctuary of a vast foggy university of Soul when he’s appointed writer in residence at the Soul Institute and falls in love with one of its numerous faculty goddesses, unaware that he’s blundering into a catastrophic jumble of power lust, romantic chaos, drug abuse, and gang violence. Soul Institute Images
CommWealth available from Amazon and Class Act Books CommWealth, 2015
Available as eBook and paperback from Class Act Books
The CommWealth system, introduced just six months previously, has outlawed all private property; your house, your clothes, or anything you possess can be demanded by anyone to be enjoyed for thirty days. As actors in the Forensic Squad theatrical troupe adapt to this giddy, chaotic society, CommWealth probes their breaking of the Four Rules sustaining the system, and several members navigate a twist of betrayals, double agents, and murder to find themselves leading a suicidal revolution. CommWealth Images
Nonprofit Chronowar by Michael D. Smith Nonprofit Chronowar, 2013
Book Three of the Jack Commer, Supreme Commander series, available as eBook and paperback from Double Dragon Publishing
Ranna Kikken creates the Committee to End Suffering on Planet Earth at her nonprofit Cat Farm, but its first conference in 2020 is destroyed when Jack’s brother Joe inadvertently time travels from 2036 to lecture Ranna’s complacent nonprofit ladies about the destruction of the Earth in 2033 and the resulting evacuation of the remnants of humanity to Mars.
Jack Commer, Supreme Commander by Michael D. Smith Jack Commer, Supreme Commander, 2012
Book Two of the Jack Commer, Supreme Commander series, available as eBook and paperback from Double Dragon Publishing 
Newly-promoted Jack Commer brings poor negotiating skills to the war with the fascist Alpha Centaurian Empire, losing his crew to Centaurian brainwashing as he and his wife are sent to be tortured on a barren planet.
The Martian Marauders by Michael D. Smith The Martian Marauders, 2012
Book One of the Jack Commer, Supreme Commander series, available as eBook and paperback from Double Dragon Publishing
After the evacuation of the Earth’s population to Mars, the crew of spaceship Typhoon I must fight native Martian terrorists led by their new human Emperor, political agitator and traitor Sam Hergs. But Captain Jack Commer compromises the mission when he kidnaps the Emperor’s consort and falls in love with her.
The University of Mars a novel by Michael D. Smith The University of Mars, 2009
In a dysfunctional 2065 where religious zealots restrict the world to outdated twentieth century technology, eighteen-year-old Bill North seeks comrades dedicated to the further evolution of humanity. But he wonders whether the impoverished university he finds in a bombed-out city might just be a satire of his urge for transcendence. And are alien beings using the university to research their own psychological flaw? The University of Mars Blog Post
Notice and Dream Topology a novel by Michael D. Smith Parts I and II/Notice and Dream Topology, 1992
In Part I a naive and disconnected artist gives a party to celebrate his career, only to find himself drafted that same night into a mindless war. In Part II he becomes a sergeant leading frightened yuppies against an unstoppable Army of Evil. A partial 1992 second draft, Notice and Dream Topology, was revised into a play titled Linstar, which unfortunately proved to be a bombastic failure. However, NADT, in cutting out Part II, the interminable war itself, has some promise and I may revise it. And I might want to write a completely new Part II.
Zarreich a novel by Michael D. Smith Zarreich/The Galaxies Groan Within, 1983
An adolescent comes to live in a small town with his grandmother, only to discover that all his memories have been wiped out. He panics and commits a murder, then finds himself a member of a secret commune remembered only in dreams. The Zarreich Blog Post
The Akard Drearstone Tarot Card copyright 2015 by Michael D. Smith Akard Drearstone, the original 1976-1978 Draft 1
From May 2011 through July 2012 I finally realized a long-standing desire to scan in the 1976-1978 rough draft of Akard Drearstone, which was thoroughly altered in numerous subsequent versions; in fact I’m still working on a final and hopefully publishable novel. The sprawling 1,587 typewritten pages of Chapters 1-31, plus the fourteen songs Akard wrote and a short story from 1985 called “Chapter 32” which psychically completed the novel; brought the final total to 682,516 words in 2,378 pages. The 7/19/11 blog entry covers this obsessive project in much detail.
The Nova Scotia Tarot Card copyright 2015 by Michael D. Smith Nova Scotia, 1974
Two boys drive a 350 m.p.h. Corvette to Nova Scotia in one night in a demented quest to save the world. This was actually my first novel in June-July 1973, but it saw a second draft as a “senior thesis” at Rice in the spring of 1974.
The Fifty-First State of Consciousness Tarot Card copyright 2015 by Michael D. Smith The Fifty-First State of Consciousness, 1973
The Governor of the Fifty-First State, in despair over a failed love affair, begins the Apocalypse at a shopping mall. The Fifty-First State of Consciousness painting

All words and images (except published covers) copyright by Michael D. Smith